Ampex Backpacking Gear

AMPEX Gear is committed to creating premium backpacking and camping equipment that strikes a balance between efficient design and reliability at a competitive price point. Our dedicated team of backpacking experts brings to life innovative trekking products designed to enhance your outdoor adventures.

As a proud member of the Insight 2 Design family, AMPEX Gear is informed by established camping brands like CORE Equipment and Firefly! Outdoor Gear, brands celebrated for superior quality and dedication to the outdoor lifestyle. This heritage fuels our mission to develop lightweight gear that meets the rugged demands of the wilderness while remaining accessible to hikers and backpackers of all levels. From hikers getting out on the trail for the first time to seasoned backpackers in search of attaining ultralight status without sacrificing comfort, our reliable gear is built to inspire confidence and foster a deeper connection with nature.

With AMPEX Gear, every product from our lightweight tents to compact sleeping pads, tells a story of meticulous design, relentless testing, and a passion for backpacking that runs as deep as the woods themselves. Whether you're setting up camp under the stars or trekking through challenging terrain, our weightless gear is your steadfast companion, engineered to stand up to the harshest elements. Join us on a journey to redefine outdoor experiences, where every piece of equipment is an invitation to explore further, push harder, and discover the beauty of nature and the world around us.